Le Cercle de Socrate


The concept of Le Cercle de Socrate originated from our disappointing experiences using gay dating agencies. These agencies are typically modeled for heterosexuals and are rarely able to satisfy the professional gay community. They often only fill the quota that the agency has guaranteed to the client with little relevance to the original search criteria. In stark contrast , our Club will ensure that you are only introduced to other likeminded single professional men who complement your search criteria in perfect harmony.

Our approach

Discretion, honesty and goodwill are the values of Le Cercle. We want to establish a relationship based on trust with each of our members. Finding affinities and potential alchemy between two members is a highly stimulating mission that we do not undertake lightly. We want you to express your expectations openly and in the spirit of utmost discretion. Le Cercle has worked closely with psychiatrists and psychologists in an effort to fully comprehend the complexities of achieving successful compatibility. Furthermore, all members personal data is stored anonymously within our system. And we impose a strict code of confidentiality amongst our members with regard to the identity of the individuals met through the Club. We strive to ensure that the Club charter is wholeheartedly respected.

A supportive approach


Le Cercle de Socrate donates to the French national association MAG Jeunes 10% of net proceeds. MAG Jeunes supports young LGBTQ people in distress at school. They intervene within schools to educate youngsters about LGBTQ phobia and sexism.

You can make a donation, become a volunteer, or sponsor. For more information, go on MAG Jeunes website.

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