Whatever are his individual and unique characteristics, we know each member of Le Cercle wishes to engage in an authentic and lasting relationship. From the inspired artist to the innovative entrepreneur, from the passionate researcher to the altruistic volunteer, everyone has unique qualities to share with those who will know how to recognise and love them.
In this world of superficial and digitilized dating, Le Cercle sets out to restore quality and humanity. By the careful selection of who becomes one of our members, we are able to guarantee introductions that are relevant and that meet all your requirements.

How to become a premium member ?

  1. Apply by email by clicking on become a member and add your contact details so we can get back to you.
  2. Upon receiving your email, we will be in touch to introduce you to the club and its Love Coaches. Patience, it may take a little time, depending on the number of emails we are processing.
  3. You are invited to a 1-2-1 interview with your private Love Coach to finalise your membership to the Club. You will discuss in detail your profile, your search criteria and your lifestyle goals. Proof of identity is required for security reasons but rest assured your profile remains anonymous. The club reserves the right to deny any application.


Every once in a while (minimum once a month) we will contact you to present an introduction that we think meet all your search criteria.

In addition to your monthly Love Coach appointment, you will be able to contact us at any time to revise or refine your search criteria.