club charter

Le Cercle has created a good conduct charter to insure that the introductions extended to you will be placed under the strictest sign of respect, confidentiality and of course friendliness. We are very committed to providing you an ethical framework which provides the basis for quality time between members. These guidelines must be respected thoroughly by every single member of Le Cercle.

As a member, you may also be invited to meet the Club at one or more private locations. We thank you in advance for your discretion and for not revealing any of these locations to other parties.

  1. Le Cercle is a Gay Dating Club for serious singles men who want to commit to a loving and long term relationship. By joining our Club, you are making a commitment to yourself and the other members that you are of the same mindset.

  2. Le Cercle is first and foremost a serious dating club for sincere and professional men. The complete opposite from the disrespectful attitude that are so often found on typical gay dating apps. A mutual elegance and respect are necessary attributes for each member.

  3. All of Le Cercle members remain anonymous until one or both parties decide mutually to reveal their identity.

  4. It is strictly forbidden to take, without prior consent, photos or videos of members introduced to you by Le Cercle.

  5. If a member reveals their identity to you, we request that you not share his identity until you both see a serious relationship developing. In particular we ask you to refrain from posting such information on social networks.

  6. In order to ensure the magic of the first date, we strongly encourage you not to exchange photos in advance. This avoids falling into the typical trait of gay apps which are primarily based on physical appearance. We invite you to rediscover the old-fashioned way before the Internet existed!

  7. Not every date leads to true love. If you feel that the member you are meeting is not ‘the one’, it is important that you share this with them in a polite and honest manner. However, don’t be too hasty, Le Cercle has selected this person especially for you based on your search criteria. Don’t let first impressions be the ultimate deciding factor.